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Anhui Weiguang answers your questions and doubts

Anhui Weiguang explains to you: Why do newly purchased cotton quilts have small cotton balls on their fetuses?
Have you ever had the same question as the editor, that there may be some small cotton balls on the cotton quilt or cotton tire you buy home? Is it because the quilt is relatively old or the cotton quality is not good enough to grind the balls? After relevant understanding and consultation, I found out that it was because good cotton quilts are made of mesh and pure cotton. In the process of making cotton quilts, there is a step that needs to be pressed and polished, which will produce small balls. These small cotton balls are often mistaken for quilts that run cotton, but they are actually specially polished balls to prevent cotton from running; The essence of a small cotton ball is the small cotton knots that have been repeatedly polished and pressed. It can better bond the mesh and cotton together, making the quilt durable, delicate, and not loose from the mesh.
How is it going? The little cotton ball also hides knowledge that we don't know. If you have any other questions about bedding, please feel free to leave us a message at any time. I will do my best to answer them for you.

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